Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor is a horror game that tasks players with breaking into their neighbor's house to figure out what he's been hiding in his basement. The game is set up like a puzzle, as players must figure out how to get into the basement without being caught by the neighbor. t’s a pretty simple game, with a few basic mechanics and a straightforward goal.


Hello Neighbor is a very challenging game, as players must figure out how to get into the basement without being caught by the neighbor. The game is set up like a puzzle, as players must find the right way to sneak past the neighbor without being seen. The neighbor is constantly patrolling the house, so players must be careful not to make too much noise or get caught.

The game also features a variety of puzzles that must be solved in order to progress. These puzzles can be quite challenging, but they are all solvable if players take their time and explore the environment.


Hello Neighbor features simple but effective graphics that help to set the tense and eerie atmosphere of the game. The neighbor is realistically animated, and his movements are always deliberate and creepy. The environment is also well-designed, and it's easy to get lost in the sprawling house.


The interface is colorful and easy to use. Players can easily move around the game world, and all the controls are easy to access. The controls are also very responsive, so players won't have any trouble maneuvering around the game world.


Hello Neighbor features excellent sound design that really helps to sell the tense atmosphere of the game. The neighbor's footsteps are always loud and ominous, and the sound of his breathing is truly horrifying. The sound of objects breaking and doors opening also help to create a sense of tension and fear.


The game is easy to play and understand. However, there are some aspects that could be improved. For example, it is not always clear what the player is supposed to do. In addition, the controls are not always easy to use.


Hello Neighbor is an interesting game with a lot of potentials. The concept is unique and the stealth gameplay is fun and challenging. The graphics and the gameplay are good, but the game is a bit too short and there are not many levels. The game also needs more enemies, as the ones that are present can easily be avoided. However, the game is plagued by performance issues and is missing key features that would make it a more enjoyable experience. Hopefully, these issues will be addressed in future updates.

Hello Neighbor Logo
Author: tinyBuild
Latest Version: 1.0
Publish Date: July 7, 2020
Size: 34M

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