How to Create Your Own Set of WhatsApp Stickers

Mia Martinez

20 Jul, 2022

How to Create Your Own Set of WhatsApp Stickers

A photo of your cat or a meme — anything may be the topic for the sticker set. The main thing is to respect the rules established by the messenger strictly.

One of the most famous messengers, WhatsApp, has constantly been improving. Today, everyone can design stickers to diversify communication in the app. Let's figure out how to create stickers for WhatsApp yourself.

WhatsApp users are gifted to make their stickers, add them to a set in the app, and then publish their works to the Google Play Market or the Apple App Store. It means your creativity will be available to any user of the app around the world. They are free to upload, install, and utilize while chatting. At the same time, your creations must be legal, authorized, and acceptable according to WhatsApp Terms of Service.

Can everyone design stickers?

Don't worry that you don't have enough technical knowledge to make stickers. WhatsApp ensures sample applications and code for Android and iOS. With their help, anyone can  design their sticker app effortlessly without much experience in programming. But, of course, if you are a pro in that area, you can develop more complex editions of sticker apps. Getting the API sets and interfaces supported by WhatsApp are necessary to make masterpieces set.

Main requirements and advice for making applications

Users' stickers must comply with such criteria:

  • the background of the sticker must be transparent;
  • the size of the sticker must be 512 x 512 pixels;
  • the size of the sticker cannot exceed 100 kB;
  • it is advised to add an 8px outline #FFFFFF to each sticker;
  • there must be a 16px border between the sticker and the edge of the background canvas.

A sticker pack must be completed with an icon that presents your stickers in the WhatsApp picker or tray. The image size must be 96 x 96 pixels and no larger than 50 KB.

It is firmly not discouraged to use the name "WhatsApp" anywhere in the title of your app or the title field of your app listing. Instead, you are free to specify the name of the messenger in the app's description in the Google Play Store and App Store.

You can get detailed requirements in the README files of the respective sample applications.

Apple requirements

You should comply with the next Apple requirements to design a sticker app for iOS. According to Apple’s strict App Store review policy, when making an iOS sticker app, you must use your user interface, not the one provided in the WhatsApp samples. The iOS sample app illustrates using the Messenger API to import stickers into WhatsApp. Plus, it would be better for iOS engineers to provide apps that include more functions than just exporting stickers.

Would you like to design your own pack of stickers for WhatsApp? Who could be the main character for your set? Tell your friends who are dreaming of their stickers about this opportunity!


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