Decoding the Chess Game: Effective Tactics to Defeat JP in Street Fighter 6

Liam Lee

03 Jul, 2023

Decoding the Chess Game: Effective Tactics to Defeat JP in Street Fighter 6

Facing off with JP in Street Fighter 6 is like entering a strategy-driven turf war. JP always intends to keep his adversaries towards the far ends of the screen, using all his maneuvers to generate a distancing zone. Persistent block string-endings with the Stribog staff swing or oppressive zoning from across the screen can be a recurrent bout for many players.

Unlocking the Stribog Special Move Mystery

Lower-level players can capitalize on the gap in JP's Stribog special move with a well-placed Drive Impact, a defensive tool that allows you to counterattack. However, as you progress, so does your adversary – a seasoned JP becomes more cautious, leaving no gaps, nudging your character to the opposite end of the screen to commence a brutal offensive.

Countering Triglav: JP's Main Zoning Tool

Taking guard against Triglav, JP's speedy ground spike projectile, is crucial lest it decimates your Drive Gauge, landing you in a perilous situation. Parrying each Triglav projectile is essential, with a Perfect Parry being the ideal counter. A successful Perfect Parry allows you to break out the parry animation, retaliating with a Drive Rush that bridges the gap between you and JP. A proactive parry or just blocking before a swift forward dash is recommended to regain some space. Stay vigilant to avoid falling prey to an Overdrive Triglav, which can easily intercept your dash.

JP's Main Zoning Tool Countering Triglav

Maneuvering Against Torbalan

Dealing with JP's Torbalan fireball requires sharp anticipation and skillful counters. The fireball demands a blocked stance, either crouching or standing, depending upon the pressing button. Perfect Parry technique is an effective counter, but dashing through the fireball with Drive Rush or timing character-specific moves to overcome the fireball are viable alternatives. For instance, Blanka can employ either medium or heavy Rolling Attack or Drive Rush to dodge the Torbalan; Ken can smartly time a run into Shoryuken or rely on Dragonlash Kick; Luke can use Overdrive Avenger, albeit with careful spacing.

Laying Hands on More Ranged Attacks

While the above discusses how to counterattack JP’s main moves, staying patient and mastering your reflexes in response to additional ranged attacks like 'Departure' & 'Embrace' will steer you clear through these obstacles. Departure is a move that creates a void from where spikes spring out. It requires understanding your opponent's moves. Whereas, Embrace is a slow-powered, long-range command grab that can be easily evaded with a jump.

Laying Hands on More Ranged Attacks Street Fighter 6

Defending Against Lovushka: JP's Level 2 Super Attack

Lastly, beware of JP's Level 2 super move, Lovushka, which unleashes four high-low alternating tracking projectiles that can be parried or blocked. However, keep in mind that JP can throw you between attacks. If Lovushka is activated raw, a well-timed Drive Rush can help to dodge it. For a triggered Lovushka, blocking and parrying or resorting to an invincible reversal might be your best course of action.

Countering JP's Amnesia Reversal

As a final caution note, JP's Overdrive Amnesia can rebound almost every attack; even grabs and comma commands aren't spared. The counter-strategy involves neutral jumps, minimal back walking, or using Overdrive projectile attacks that are usually block-safe. Building your pressure game to condition JP to abstain from Overdrive Amnesia will eventually lead to a triumphant victory.

According to Sun Tzu, "If you know your enemy and yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles." Similarly, understanding JP's strengths, weaknesses, and critical skills gives you a strategic advantage in the virtual arena. JP wields powerful moves that can deal significant damage but studying his moves and repeated patterns can reveal smart offensive and defensive strategies.


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