A Beginner's Guide to Cyberpunk 2077: Master the Night City!

Mia Martinez

22 Mar, 2023

A Beginner's Guide to Cyberpunk 2077: Master the Night City!

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the world of Cyberpunk 2077? Follow this quick guide, and you'll be dominating the streets of Night City like a pro.

Step 1: Get Familiar with your Character's Abilities

Before diving into Night City, it’s important to get familiar with your character’s abilities. You have options when it comes to customizing V, from gender and appearance down to their lifepath and background story. Take some time to decide who you want V to be, as this will determine how NPCs interact with them during conversations in-game. Additionally, make sure that you understand all of V’s stats, such as body type, reflexes, and technical ability, so that you know what tasks they are capable of completing successfully.

Step 2: Learn How Combat Works

Combat is an essential part of Cyberpunk 2077, so it pays off if you spend some time practicing early on in the game. When engaging enemies, make sure that V is equipped with a range of weapons, such as handguns or rifles, depending on their preference. Knowing which weapons work best against different enemy types will help ensure success during battles later on in the game. Also, note that stealth is just as important as brute force; there are plenty of opportunities for sneaking around enemies instead – use these techniques whenever possible!

Step 3: Upgrade Your Gear

As well as equipping yourself with an array of weapons for combat, make sure that V has enough credits saved up so they can buy upgrades at any ripper doc location throughout Night City. These upgrades come in many forms, including cyberwar implants which give V special powers or improved attributes like increased strength or speed – choose wisely, though, because each implant has its own unique benefits but also drawbacks too!

Modernization of equipment

Step 4: Try To Get Along With Johnny Silverhand

Johnny Silverhand is an iconic character who accompanies V throughout most of his adventures in Night City. He might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but trying not to annoy him can save time (and possibly lives). His advice is invaluable, so listen carefully – he could lead you down dark paths but could also provide important intel or open doors otherwise closed off completely from V's path without his involvement.

Step 5: Don't Ignore The NCPD Scanner Hustles

The NCPD scanner hustles are mini-missions scattered throughout various parts of Night City where players have three minutes (real-time) to complete objectives such as taking down enemies or collecting information from specific locations/characters located around town before heading back to their starting point within those three minutes in order for them receive rewards like money and street cred points.

Step 6: Explore The Verticality Of The City

Night city isn't just full horizontal exploration opportunities; there are plenty of vertical ones too! Climb rooftops for some easy access points into certain areas or use wall runs/jumps when fleeing hostile situations – these tactics can be especially useful during stealth gameplay sequences where staying off ground level gives players better vantage points over guards patrolling below them – perfectly safe places from which they can take pot shots at unsuspecting foes.

Get to know the verticality of the city

Step 7: Explore Every Nook & Cranny

Exploring every corner of Night City is one way to really get familiar with your surroundings before embarking on missions further out into the cityscape – plus, there may be rewards waiting for those brave enough to explore hidden nooks and crannies! To make navigation easier (especially during night-time excursions), use both the mini-map feature available within most cities and also check out online maps available online if needed too – these can help pinpoint key locations quickly without having to waste precious time & energy searching aimlessly around town trying not to get lost along the way!

Step 8: Level Up Your Skills & Reputation

Don't forget about leveling up skills and reputation points while playing through main missions or side quests – these two elements can provide extra bonuses when taking part in side activities such as hacking networks or finding rare items hidden deep within parts unknown by other players alike! So keep grinding away at additional experience points until desired levels have been achieved, then reap the rewards accordingly after hours spent playing – simple yet effective strategy indeed.

Step 9: Be Aware Of Your Choices

Every decision matters, no matter how small, whether speaking, NPCs accepting jobs, completing tasks, etc. All affect events outcomes sometimes profoundly, meaning wrong choices may result in disastrous consequences; thus, think twice before committing actions to avoid facing irreversible outcomes later in the game progress.

Final Tip: Gather Up That Street Cred

Last but certainly least critical aspect of the success of night city lies in gaining enough notoriety through activities to earn respect among locals and become a revered figure on streets carrying the title legendary rocker boy making difficult tasks easier, unlocking exclusive items guaranteed to enjoy a whole new layer of immersion previously unknown levels of Cyberpunk 2077!


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