Exploring Top-5 Alternatives to "Halo Infinite" - The Best Sci-fi FPS Games

Mia Martinez

20 Aug, 2023

Exploring Top-5 Alternatives to "Halo Infinite" - The Best Sci-fi FPS Games

Immerse yourself in the thrills and spills of science fiction with our hand-picked selection of alternative games to "Halo Infinite". With slick mechanics, engrossing storylines, and varied settings, they echo the charm of "Halo Infinite", while carving their niche. Hold on tight as we voyage across these stunning gaming galaxies.

1. "Destiny 2"

Destiny 2 game

Developed by Bungie, the same company that originally produced the Halo series, "Destiny 2" is a game that blends FPS (First-Person Shooter) mechanics with MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) elements, setting it apart from the pack.


"Destiny 2" blends Player versus Environment (PvE) and Player versus Player (PvP) gameplay elements seamlessly. Your character, called a “Guardian”, can be customised with different abilities, weapons, and armour types that unlock as you progress in the game.

Story and Setting

The storyline is set in a post-apocalyptic universe filled with various alien races. As a Guardian with the power of the "Light", your task is to defend the last city of humanity and push back against various alien races. New expansions continue to deepen the lore and offer new quests.

2. "Titanfall 2"

Titanfall 2 logo

"Titanfall 2" from Respawn Entertainment offers a unique mix of first-person shooter mechanics with on-foot pilot combat and titan mechs, offering unparalleled strategic depth and diversity.


A blend of FPS and mech warrior action, "Titanfall 2" is built around rapid pace combat. You control a pilot, masters of parkour who can run on walls and perform powerful jump kicks. They can also control Titans, powerful mechanical robots that change the dynamics entirely with their hulking size and firepower.

Story and Setting

Set in a futuristic setting where mankind has spread to the stars, you take on the role of a Militia rifleman thrust into becoming a Pilot. Your character forms an unlikely partnership with a veteran Titan in a high stakes journey through hostile territory in a heroic quest for survival.

3. "Doom Eternal"

Doom Eternal

The highly popular Doom series returned with "Doom Eternal" to offer an adrenaline-packed first-person shooter experience that is a blend of old-school action and modern design principles.


In true Doom fashion, "Doom Eternal" focuses on aggressive, fast-paced combat against hordes of demons. Various weapons and abilities accompany your journey, making each encounter a visceral dance of death. The introduction of new mechanics like wall-climbing and dashing adds more depth to movement in combat.

Story and Setting

"Doom Eternal" continues the story of the "Doom Slayer," in a hellish dystopian future. This time, earth has been invaded by demonic forces. As the Slayer, your mission is to stop the invasion and save humanity by reclaiming the earth one gruesome demon at a time.

4. "Metro Exodus"

Metro Exodus game

"Metro Exodus" is a narrative-driven first-person shooter with a heavy emphasis on survival mechanics. Unlike many entries in the genre, it fosters a cerebral approach over straightforward action.


Engage in a battle for survival in the harsh Russian wilderness, where you have to scavenge for materials, craft equipment, and manage limited resources carefully. An array of unique guns can be highly personalised to suit your fighting style. Stealth, strategy, and shooting skills are all equally important in this game.

Story and Setting

"Metro Exodus" is set in post-nuclear war Russia. You play as Artyom, a survivor living in the Moscow Metro who embarks on a journey across the continent on the locomotive Aurora. The story is a heart-wrenching exploration of the harsh realities of post-apocalyptic existence, underpinned by faint glimmers of hope.

5. "Borderlands 3"

Borderlands 3 game

"Borderlands 3" is a crazy, high-octane looter shooter set in a dystopian world filled with humor, colourful visuals, and loads of action.


"Borderlands 3" is about shooting and looting. Four unique characters with different abilities and styles accommodate diverse gameplay preferences. From open warfare to stealth and tactical gameplay, there are numerous ways to engage your foes. The game stands out due to its bazillions of guns, each sporting unique attributes and effects.

Story and Setting

"Borderlands 3" takes place in a space-western setting where mega-corporations have colonised various planets in search of mysterious vaults filled with technology and weapons. You play as a vault Hunter, a mercenary hired to find these vaults before they fall into the wrong hands.

These alternatives to "Halo Infinite" each employ their unique twists on sci-fi FPS, maintaining the genre's excitement while offering diverse gameplay experiences. So, whatever your preference, be assured: there's a game out there waiting to whisk you into its expansive universe.


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