TikTok Adds New Library With GIPHY Tools

Mia Martinez

04 Apr, 2022

TikTok Adds New Library With GIPHY Tools

TikTok launched a brand new creative feature that grants content creators access to a Library of entertainment content for participation in current trends. The current Library mostly consists of GIPHY content, including GIFs, audio, and video clips. Read on for details on available content.

GIPHY & More

Although the Library includes mostly GIPHY content at the moment, TikTok promises to add a lot of new content soon. Future Library updates will introduce audio, sound, and text items to expand the list of options for creators. The initial version of GIPHY Clips will include reactions, people, iconic moments, and popular quotes. Now that the Library is integrated into the TikTok app, developers will be able to add more content without delays. 


As for the GIPHY Clips available right now, they are GIFs with attached sound clips. It’s an awesome way to create and share reactions with subscribers through exciting animations. All you need to do to use the Library is to tap on the available Library icons right from your camera screen. This will reveal the scrollable list of trending clips and offer you to search clips by keywords. Once you select a clip, you can easily adjust the length and then add any other elements from the basic editor to include everything you want. Perhaps, future versions will have some more editing options for clips to make them more versatile. 

We Need More!

Hopefully, we won’t need to wait long for the new packs of content to arrive. Have you already tested the Library? What do you like and dislike about it? Does it make your content more entertaining? Let’s chat about the new feature in the comments section under the article. We are excited to hear what you think! And don’t forget to share this piece with other TikTok users to help them discover new functions. 



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