Redfall Xbox Launch Limited to 30 FPS – Is It Worth the Wait?

Liam Lee

13 Apr, 2023

Redfall Xbox Launch Limited to 30 FPS – Is It Worth the Wait?

With just weeks away from launch, the anticipation for Arkane's co-op shooter Redfall is rapidly rising. Unfortunately, today we got a bit of bad news with developer Arkane Studios revealing that the Xbox versions of the game will be limited to 30 fps at launch. This leaves some gamers asking if it'll still be worth waiting for when it launches and sacrificing speed for looks.

The Quality mode on Xbox Series X will run Redfall at 4K and 30fps, while Series S consoles will handle 1440p and 30fps. This means that gamers who want to experience maximum quality in their game will have to wait until a later date before they can play in Performance mode with 60 FPS. Even though this isn't what most fans were hoping for, there are still some benefits of playing in Quality mode as opposed to Performance mode. For example, the Quality mode offers superior graphics and higher resolution than the Performance mode does, which could make up for the lack of frames per second.

Another factor worth considering is whether or not Arkane Studios' promise of adding performance mode at a later date holds true or not; if it does, then this would give players access to better framerates sooner rather than later, which would improve overall gameplay significantly, but again this remains unknown at this point in time. There's also no indication as to how long it might take until performance updates become available so this is something else worth keeping an eye out for when deciding whether or not now is the right time to jump into Redfall or wait until after its official launch (or both!).


Ultimately, only time will tell whether or not Arkane’s decision was a wise one, but from what we know so far about Redfall’s upcoming release on Xbox consoles being limited to 30 fps at launch does leave us questioning if it'll be worth waiting around for when compared against similar games offering higher frame rates upon release day itself? Only those who decide upon picking up the title when it is released next month can answer that question, but with all things considered, it's likely going down as an incredibly close call between staying patient while patiently awaiting promised performance updates versus jumping straight into pure quality visuals right away!


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