Microsoft Word Now Supports the Handy Plain Text Pasting Shortcut

Liam Lee

12 Mar, 2023

Microsoft Word Now Supports the Handy Plain Text Pasting Shortcut

Microsoft Word has been the go-to word processor for decades. But with the rise of Google Docs, it has to compete for its users. Recently, Microsoft Word added support for a handy keyboard shortcut - Ctrl+Shift+V for pasting plain text - that Docs had been offering for some time. This article will discuss this new feature in detail, as well as its implications for users of both Word and Docs.

The Ctrl+Shift+V shortcut is useful for pasting text without bringing along formatting from the source. This means that instead of having to manually remove unnecessary formatting, the user can just paste the text as is, and it will retain only the text itself. This is a great time-saver, especially when dealing with large amounts of text.

Microsoft Word has been notorious for its lack of keyboard shortcuts. This is one of the areas where Google Docs has been ahead for some time. With the addition of this shortcut, Word is catching up and offering users more convenience. It is likely that more keyboard shortcuts will be added in the future, further bridging the gap between the two programs.

The addition of this new shortcut also offers some insight into the strategies Microsoft is using to compete with Google Docs. It shows that they are paying attention to user feedback and looking for ways to match or even exceed the features of their competitors. This could lead to more features being added to Word over time, making it even more attractive to users.

Microsoft Word's new support for the handy Ctrl+Shift+V shortcut is a welcome addition and shows that they are listening to user feedback. This could lead to further improvements in the program and make it even more attractive to users. If you have any thoughts on this new feature, please leave a comment below.


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