Google Chrome Update Improves MacBook Battery Life

Mia Martinez

01 Mar, 2023

Google Chrome Update Improves MacBook Battery Life

Google has announced a significant update to its browser, Chrome, which can extend battery life on MacBooks. Tests conducted by Google show that the optimization of memory compression and JavaScript timers can improve usage time significantly in comparison to other everyday tasks. This update is not just limited to the newest MacBook models but also applies to older devices.

By optimizing systems like memory compression and JavaScript timers, users who use their 13-inch Macbook Pro (M2 2022) for web browsing can achieve 17 hours on average, with 18 hours possible if they are watching YouTube videos. Previous tests conducted have shown that it could take 16 and a half hours for the same device to run a variety of everyday tasks before needing a recharge.

François Doray from Chrome has confirmed that this new energy optimization will also be applied to Windows, Linux, and Android devices in future program releases. As such, all users should soon experience more efficient battery usage when using Chrome, regardless of their device type or operating system version.

The improvements are mainly due to optimizations made by Google to memory compression and JavaScript timers. In terms of memory compression, this involves reducing how much data needs to be stored in RAM, which ultimately reduces power usage when running tasks like web pages and apps. For JavaScript timers, this involves limiting how often scripts are allowed to run concurrently or consecutively - again reducing power usage by avoiding unnecessary computations from being done at once.

For those unfamiliar with technical jargon, the key takeaway is that these improvements mean you can now use your laptop for longer before needing to plug it into an outlet for charging. You’ll be able to enjoy extended periods of browsing time as well as watch more movies or shows without worrying about having enough battery life left over at the end of the day.

It’s important to note that these optimizations will only work with versions 110.0.5481.100 of Chrome, so make sure your version is up-to-date to benefit from them fully; otherwise, you may be missing out on some significant performance improvements! Additionally, it’s recommended that users do routine maintenance, such as clearing out their cache regularly, so they don’t need additional power boosts down the line due to built-up data over time.


The updated version of Google's popular browser offers an improved user experience by providing longer battery life across different platforms, including Windows, Linux, and Android. In addition, Apple's macOS platform gives users access to more efficient browsing times no matter their chosen device!


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