Fixes for The Last of Us Part I PC Version are Now Available!

Mia Martinez

31 Mar, 2023

Fixes for The Last of Us Part I PC Version are Now Available!

The launch of The Last of Us Part I on PC has been rough, with players reporting crashes, performance issues, and plenty of weird visual glitches. Thankfully, Sony-owned developer Naughty Dog is now taking steps to fix the widespread problems. A patch was released last night on Steam and the Epic Games Store that should help address some “performance & hitch related issues”.

The exact content of the patch remains unclear at this point, but it’s a relatively small one – only 36MB in size, so its effects are likely to be limited. That being said, it’s a start towards improving what has been an otherwise disappointing experience for PC gamers who were expecting a smooth launch for one of the year's most anticipated games. It remains to be seen if this is just a stopgap measure or if Naughty Dog will continue to work on further fixes and improvements as time goes on.

Apart from addressing existing performance issues, there are also reports that the new patch may have added some stability to online play, which had previously been affected by frequent connection drops or lag spikes due to poor serverside optimization. This could potentially open up more possibilities for cooperative play between friends over long distances, which certainly adds value to an already expansive game like The Last Of Us Part I.

Finally, while these patches are welcome news, they do not address all the underlying problems with The Last Of Us Part I on PC yet, and some players may still find themselves running into various technical difficulties while playing through it regardless of how optimized their setup is or how powerful their hardware might be. Therefore we can only hope that Naughty Dog continues working hard in order to make sure everyone can enjoy their gaming experience without any major hiccups along the way until all known bugs have finally been addressed successfully!


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