FIFA 23 Outshines Predecessor, Breaking Sales Records in Just Six Months

Liam Lee

11 May, 2023

FIFA 23 Outshines Predecessor, Breaking Sales Records in Just Six Months

EA Sports has something to celebrate; its latest release, FIFA 23, has swiftly surpassed the lifetime sales of FIFA 22, making it the most successful launch in the franchise's history. With impressive engagement numbers and record-breaking live services performance, FIFA 23 has solidified its position as a dominant force in the realm of sports gaming.

Since its release in September 2022, FIFA 23 has enjoyed unparalleled success in comparison to past titles. Within just its first week, FIFA 23 broke the franchise's record for player numbers, setting the stage for its continued growth. In January, EA confidently claimed that FIFA 23 was "pacing to be the biggest title in franchise history," a prediction that has since come true.

CEO Andrew Wilson spoke on the matter during EA's third-quarter earnings call, stating that "year-to-date net bookings from the FIFA franchise have grown 4%." Remarkably, unit sales in North America alone have skyrocketed, boasting a 50% increase year over year. This leap in popularity can be attributed to several major improvements in the game, such as revamped set-piece systems, new power shots, and the addition of women's club teams.

In conclusion, although FIFA 23's incredible success may raise the bar for future releases, EA Sports is already gearing up for a new era of football games with its upcoming EA Sports FC series. Only time will tell if the next installments will continue to outshine their predecessors, but one thing is certain – the future of football gaming looks brighter than ever, thanks to the unstoppable momentum of FIFA 23.


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