Fallout Developer Incorporates Talents from Ambitious Fan-Project Modder

Mia Martinez

27 Jun, 2023

Fallout Developer Incorporates Talents from Ambitious Fan-Project Modder

Leading video game developer of the iconic Fallout series, Bethesda Game Studios, once again recognizes and capitalizes on the talent found within its fanbase. The company has recruited a modder from the prestigious fan mod project.

One of such modders, PatchworkProfessor, recently revealed via a tweet that he will be joining Bethesda Game Studios as an Associate Environment Artist. Reb showcased immense talent in developing animal models and environmental elements during his stint with Skyblivion. His invaluable contribution has scored him a place in one of the pioneering video game studios existing today.

Bethesda’s recurring trend of absorbing fan modders underlines the studio’s faith in the talent and zeal that resides in its gamer community. Not only does it provide a platform for modders to display their prowess, but it also imbibes fresh perspectives into the development team. With Reb's addition to Bethesda Game Studios, we can expect the upcoming game developments to be filled with even more immersive environments, demonstrating the profound impact of such collaborations.


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