Apple Releases Xcode 14.3 with SDKs for iOS 16.4 and Other Operating Systems

Liam Lee

30 Mar, 2023

Apple Releases Xcode 14.3 with SDKs for iOS 16.4 and Other Operating Systems

Apple recently released its newest software update, iOS 16.4, to the public earlier this week, along with other software updates, adding a variety of new features to the company’s operating systems. Now Apple is rolling out Xcode 14.3 to developers, allowing them to work with the company’s latest SDKs for their apps.

Keep Up With Apple's Latest Developments By Using Xcode 14.3

Apple recently released version 14.3 of its popular software development tool, Xcode, along with a bundle of new Software Development Kits (SDKs). Xcode is an essential tool for developers to create apps for all Apple platforms, such as iOS, macOS, and watchOS. The release brings many exciting new features that developers need to be aware of to keep up with the latest trends in app development on these platforms.

The newest SDKs included in this update are for iOS 16.4, iPadOS 16.4, tvOS 16.4, watchOS 9.4, and macOS Ventura 13.3, which allow developers to build fully compatible apps for each respective platform using Xcode 14.3 toolsets and APIs. There are lots of great features introduced within this update, including dozens of new emoji options as well as notifications support for web apps within iOS 16.

In addition to that VoiceIsolation has been added to cellular calls while VoiceOver has also been improved on iPad devices running iPad OS 16. Crash Detection feature has also been optimized too, among other things, like 5G Standalone support, which is sure to be embraced by app developers who wish their products could reach even wider audiences than before now that 5G networks have become more widespread globally. Furthermore, starting April 25th, 2023, all newly submitted or updated applications must use at least version 14 or higher when submitting their work through App Store Connect.


All in all, XCode14 is an important step forward for mobile application development on Apple’s platforms. Developers should make sure they are familiar with the newest additions which come bundled in this version so they can take advantage of them when creating amazing mobile experiences using the latest technologies available.


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