Anticipated System Shock Remake Is Targeting a March 2023 Release Date

Liam Lee

04 Jan, 2023

Anticipated System Shock Remake Is Targeting a March 2023 Release Date

Nightdive Studios, the remaster specialist behind the crowd-funded System Shock remake, has announced a new release window for the game: March 2023. After years of delays, the developer is finally close to completing their ambitious remake of the classic horror title.

The remake has been in development since 2016 and Nightdive had previously targeted a number of launch windows, all of which were missed. In a new Kickstarter update, they explained that the scope and scale of the project had evolved dramatically, leading to numerous delays. With the help of Prime Matter, they have been able to focus on quality-of-life improvements, bug fixing, and localization support. Additionally, they have also gone back to polish various aspects of the game. The studio has also confirmed that the game will be published by Prime Matter and will be available on multiple platforms.

The remake of the classic horror game will feature new visual effects, enemy variants, and other improvements that are designed to bring the game into the modern age. The game will also offer a more immersive experience, with an updated control system and improved graphics. The game is being crowd-funded and is being published by Prime Matter.

The update also gave a glimpse of the new visual effects and enemy variants planned for the final release. Meanwhile, Nightdive CEO Stephen Kick clarified the status of System Shock 3, claiming that its fate is now in the hands of Tencent. They have the right to make the third game, while Nightdive holds the rights to the remake of the first and potentially second game. The original System Shock was released in 1994 and is widely considered one of the greatest games ever made.

At Gamescom, Kick also commented on the recent surge in the popularity of horror games. “There’s been a huge influx in people just wanting to play horror games”, he said.

The remake promises to be an improved version of the original game and is sure to draw in a new generation of players.


Nightdive’s System Shock remake has been a long time coming, with delays in its development since 2016. However, the team is now confident that the project is on track for a March 2023 release, with a variety of new features and improvements. Fans of the series can now look forward to playing the game, with a new generation of players sure to be drawn in by its enhanced visuals and gameplay.


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