Marketing is a vast and complex area. To make a successful game is not just developed it is much more. Most of the game developers need help with marketing at every stage of development. Miyano-USA team helps game developers to create their own marketing plan and strategy to build a successful product.


Our services:

GaaP vs. GaaS: It’s very important to decide the game will be launched as a product (the traditional model) or as a service. Our analysis will help you to set the most effective form.

Business Model of the Game: According to the game concept or test version of the game we will determine what business model will be most financially effective. Charge for the game (premium) or provide the game for free, charging for additional content (freemium) or charge for in-app items or virtual goods (Free to Play). We will research all possible models and make the right combination.

Target Audience: Successful marketing is aimed at the target audience. Our research will find the most target audience that will generate the most revenue from the game sales or in-game sales.

Marketing Channels: We will find channels that will build a loyal audience of your game. We have experience of work with many advertising and marketing channels all around the world and know their advantages.

Measurement: One of the most important things to do in advance of spending large amounts on marketing is to set up the measurement and reporting so that you can tell exactly what return you are getting from various channels. We will provide services to measure marketing effectiveness.


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