EA Sports FC Embarks on a New Journey After FIFA: Release Date Revealed

Mia Martinez

05 Jul, 2023

EA Sports FC Embarks on a New Journey After FIFA: Release Date Revealed

Three months have passed since the gaming community was introduced to the EA Sports FC (EAFC) logo along with an intriguing first trailer. As the anticipation continued to escalate, Electronic Arts remained relatively silent, offering mere breadcrumbs of information about the future direction of this renowned gaming franchise. Persistent concerns among players were prominent, especially regarding the possible loss of numerous licenses subsequent to the termination of its collaboration with FIFA.

Recently, there has been a leak revealing anxiously awaited details about the upcoming EAFC game. According to this leak, the standard edition of EAFC is set to greet gamers worldwide on September 29, 2023. The new iteration not only promises high-quality gameplay and real-life football simulation but has also stirred considerable excitement due to unique provisions for early access.

An interesting deviation from previous trends revealed by Billbil-kun is something that hardcore players have been waiting for. Contrary to three days of early access in FIFA 23, Ultimate Edition players are in for a treat. They will be granted access seven days ahead of the official release date starting September 22. This move implies a significant extent of gameplay time, giving players an upper hand and more time to familiarize themselves with the nuances of the new title.

In further exciting news for enthusiastic EA Play members, they will receive a 10-hour trial starting from September 22, coinciding with the date for Ultimate Edition access. Ensuring broad accessibility, it has been announced that EAFC will be released for older generation consoles such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One alongside the newer generations.

In conclusion, while still under wraps in many ways, the confirmation of release dates and early access certainly adds fuel to growing anticipation among gamers. The extent of differences between versions across different generations remains veiled in mystery, but fans eagerly wait for what might be an exciting chapter in football video gaming brought by EA Sports FC post their widely successful FIFA era.


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